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Aeternus Nox is a guild that consists of a handful of friends who are newly returned to Everquest.  We are enjoying both the nostalgia and the challenge of an old school game that, we are surprised to find, still holds some of the old magic for all of us.  We are enjoying working our way through group content at our own pace, although we currently have fairly high playtime.  We are exploring both new content and content that's only new to us, as well as revisiting things we thought long since over and done.

We are not a raiding guild.

That said, we still like people.  Are you better than a j5 merc?  Send a tell to one of the following officers if so!!

  • Elthe (Guild Leader)
  • Brand (Resource/Bank Manager)
  • Bolgia (Guild Hatemonger)
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Guild News    

Alt Attack

Elthe, Nov 30, 10 7:48 AM.
Well, our alt project is in full swing.  We're dragging them up as fast as we can, but they might as well still be level 8 newbies in Freeport.  I'm having a lot of fun with the alts, and I think Brand and Bolgia are, too.  I'm not sure how much serious stuff we'll bother with for them.  I think only the boxed rogue will end up in our main group.

Anguish cleared!

Elthe, Nov 29, 10 9:16 AM.
Well, Bolgia wanted a robe to clicky from Anguish, so we went in and ruined the place again.  Even though Arch Magus dropped the item he wanted, we went ahead and killed OMM since I never saw him when he was current.  It took a long time, but overall it's a pretty neat fight.  I'm glad we got to do it!

We also mopped up Time, because I had never killed Quarm.  I went right from a guild that couldn't beat Time to a guild that scoffed at it so hard that it wasn't on the raid schedule, so I managed to miss the big dragon.  It was fun to finally see those things, even though Quarm was really anticlimactic.

The alts that I made solely to have access to the poison making and alchemy tradeskills have become a surprisingly popular project.  A second group of Aeternus Nox may well be forming....

What next?

Elthe, Nov 24, 10 9:46 AM.
As we clean up the last handful of things we want from T4, several people have asked me, 'what's next?'

I was shocked to hear the question.  This game has more than 10 years of history in it; obscure quests, tradeskill maxing, more aa... there's still hundreds of things to do to improve your character after you hit max level and farm up some halfway decent gear.  Sure, none of them have the same jaw dropping returns as leveling and picking up new high tier gear, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth doing!

At the very least, we're going to do MPG trials and DoN progression next to push up our resists.  And farm up some augs.

We'll talk again about being bored... but not for months more at least!

Anguish so Old and Sad!

Elthe, Nov 22, 10 2:13 PM.
Grats unloved Helios bot on your epic 2.0!  PS, 3 90's and a boxed cleric can completely faceroll Anguish, I think we were giving this place too much credit.

Coalition Victory

Elthe, Nov 15, 10 7:43 AM.
Also I'd like to thank the informal Trakanon coalition for helping us out in Anguish to get Bolgia his epic 2.0.  Grats Bolgia, and I am hopeful for the future of our alliance!!
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